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The Cool Girls Guide to The Met Gala

Spoiler alert: This list will not include Kim K, Beyonce, or Rihanna (sorry) It's not that I don't love their outfits, but their over the top looks are getting enough attention as is. This list is for the cool girls, the girls that were true to their style. To me that is what a cool girl truly is, simply herself.
Sienna Miller in Thakoon
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in Vintage Dior and John Galliano
Cara Delevigne in Stella McCartney
Kendall Jenner in Calvin Klein
Carey Mulligan in Balenciaga
Dree Hemingway in Coach
Gigi Hadid in Diane Von Furstenburg
Zoe Kravitz in Alexander Wang
Jessica Hart
Solange Knowles in Giles Deacon
Hailey Baldwin in Topshop


Which ones were your favorites?


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  16. What gorgeous dresses! I love the Solange Knowles in Giles Deacon!

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