"" STYLE LOGISTICS | Fashion Blog: November 2014


Take Me Away:Greece

Whenever I feel like the world is weighing me down, I tend to obsess over all of the cities I can't wait to visit someday. I love the smell of a new city, exploring every little nook, enjoying the local food and that sense of discovery and awe that only travel can give you. When I was in my early teens I began a list of MUST see places, surprisingly Greece was not on that list. Since then, I have become increasingly obsessed with Santorini and Mykonos 2015 goal?



The Athletic Wear Edit

Sadly, I have never been the kind of person who gets too excited about the gym, so when I first saw signs of athletic wear in street style I was pretty numb to it. The thing with athletic wear, or sweatpants in my case, is that it is incredibly practical and comfortable. As much as I love my pleather pants there is no better feeling that being completely comfortable to sit, jump, roll around, etc.I might have to get myself some tennis shoes next! These sweatpants are East&Lo  and they've got a million other cute stuff on their site as well!
Coat: HM
Shirt: Forever21
Sweatpants: East&Lo
Sunnies: Alpha&Omega
Shoes: UrbanOG



Street Style Roundup: Fall Inspo

Sadly, the only taste of fall I have gotten was my 5 day trip to NYC. Los Angeles is currently 86 degrees, and as much as I wish I could use turtlenecks and coats again. I guess I will have to wait a bit more, hoping that day will come. Til then,I will have to settle for daydreaming of wearing all these outfits out on a crisp winter day, while sipping on some Hot chocolate.