"" STYLE LOGISTICS | Fashion Blog: October 2014


The California Love Birds

Leather Jacket: H&M - Lace Cropped Top & Boots: Forever21 - Sunglasses: Alpha&Omega
Love this Leather Jacket as well: The Store
My parents are in town celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary so we though it would be sweet to take them back to where it all started: Ventura, California. They're story has always been one of my favorites and it still gives me chills. My mom was learning to speak English and my dad was a blonde surfer boy, they met one night and have been together ever since. I have always wished for a love like theirs, they still go on dates, hold hands, and respect each other. They are living proof that real love still exists and that there is someone out there who is perfect for you, now all we have to do is learn to not settle for second best. 

Special thanks to Ian Mayta for these wonderful photos! He is so talented and patient! <3


P.S. I am a sucker for romantic stories, have any of your own?