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How to Accessorize Your Home with Plants

I have learned to appreciate plants! They are easy to take care of, last way longer than flowers and add the simplest most amazing touch of nature. Since I don't have a green thumb, the low maintenance ones seem to work best for me. Just look at the following inspo and tell me if you don't agree!
That geometric planter could be a great DIY!
The longer the vase the more likely it will look absolutely amazing on the floor, vary sizes and shapes, and voila.
1, 2, 3, 4, green plants, the sky is the limit. A great addition to an already colorful room!
Your planter can be as random as a sack, this one looks absolutely amazing against this all white room.
Loving the clay pots, so simple, and cheap!
You may not need actual plants, you can buy or create a beautiful photograph and frame it.
Wild flowers and plants bunched together, wow!
My absolute new favorite: Cacti. So unusually awesome!



One year older, One year wiser...

Last week was my birthday, and to be honest, its the first time I ever felt old.  When people say your 20s go by really fast, they are right. Its crazy how a few days can change your perspective. I feel like now is my time to do establish who I will be for the rest of my life. No more postponing, no more fears, no more regrets, I am going for it all the way, and I am humbled by all of your support!

Photos by: Ian Mayta



Extreme Fomo: Fashion Bloggers in Morocco

If you are an avid instagrammer like myself, you probably follow the countless number of extremely stylish women who travel the world and experience what I like to call "acute fomo". I have been experiencing an intense case of acute fomo this past week when they all seemed to be in Morocco at the same time, same place!

All photos found on the following Instagram Accounts:
@songofstyle @rumineely @peaceloveshea @shionat



Fashion Diaries: Summer Essentials

This summer has been very HOT and there are certain key pieces that can make summer styling so much easier to do. First of all denim shorts, a no brainer right? But they can be paired with so many different tops and shoes to make it feel brand new every time. A good summer off the shoulder top,like this one from Australian brand Mombasa Rose, will keep you cool through the summer months. It's so easy to wear and pair with almost anything. Finally a good hat, in any color, the bigger the better in my opinion. Safe to say, this will be my summer uniform.
Hat: Forever 21, Top: Mombasa Rose, Shorts: H&M, Shoes: Zara, Handbag: Vintage Coach



Instagram Love

    Just wanted to give a quick thanks to all of you lovely people who follow me on Instagram, thank you for your support, for inspiring me daily and helping me grow.I love you guys!