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Street Style: White Denim Edition

I have never been a size 0 or even remotely close, so its safe to say I used to shy away from anything white. With the white denim trend in full swing, I found myself wondering if there was a possibility of pulling some of these looks off. I found out that what it really comes down to is fit and quality. Not to bad mouth any brands in particular, but the cheaper the material and lining, the more likely you are to feel self conscious, A good pair of thick white jeans that are true to your size* can look quite well on a "normal size" girl. Other options are white denim jackets that look good on just about anyone, and if you are proud of your legs go for those white denim short shorts. Hope these inspire you to venture out into the world of white, no matter your size.
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  1. It's sometimes very hard to find the perfect jeans, but the search is always worth it.
    I usually stick to black because its so easy, but this post really made me want to go out and buy a good pair of white jeans.

    Xx Anne

    1. I know! Believe me I am a 100% all black outfit kinda girl, but white seems so fun and a great welcome to the summer months ahead!

      Thanks for visiting <3

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