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Fashion Diaries: White on White in San Diego

I haven't always been a California Girl, and I can't believe it has already been 8 years since I moved to the United States. The truth is I couldn't have chosen a better state, California is dreamy! I love taking mini trips up and down the coast, and of course San Diego is a must. Despite it only being 2 hours away from Los Angeles, it feels so different, more relaxed and easy going. On this trip I thought of doing something different and the Bahia Belle Cruise was a great choice. If you live nearby, I highly recommend it, especially during a gorgeous San Diego sunset!
White Skort, White Leather Jacket, White Handbag, White Cutout Shoes
White Skort, White Leather Jacket, White Handbag, White Cutout Shoes
This Nila Anthony handbag is one of my absolute summer must haves!
Zara Sweater and White Leather Jacket, Forever 21 Skirt, and Urban OG White Cutout Shoes

If you could take a roadtrip anywhere, where would you go?



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