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DIY Geometric Wall Art: The Easiest DIY on the Planet

If you follow my adventures on Instagram you may already know I moved into a new place. Despite all the excitement of finally getting a spot with real wood floors, I came to the sad realization that I don't have an unlimited budget. Obviously, as much as I would love to purchase art that isn't very realistic, so I had to create my own. I am not a great DIYer, in fact this is my first. Simple, quick, and modern and so easy anyone can do it, and I mean ANYONE!
Things you need:
20 x20 Canvas. I got mine at Michaels, but any canvas will do.
Paint Dish or Reuse a Plastic Plate
Painters Tape
Paint Brush  
**The size of your paintbrush doesn't matter in this case, but the smaller the paintbrush, the longer it will take.
Acrylic Paint in your Desired Color
** I wanted a soft and subtle pink so I bought 1 white and  1 red bottle
1 Hammer
2 Medium Length Nails (This depends on the depth of your canvas)
Step 1:  
Section off a square on your canvas with painters tape. Make sure it is smoothed out with your fingers, creases can lead to the paint bleeding. The larger the square the more bold the artwork is, the smaller the more minimalist it is. I liked it right smack in the middle.
Step 2:
I opted for a pastel pink, so in my case I bought white and red. I squeezed 4 parts white and 1 part red onto my paint dish and mixed them together to achieve my desired shade of pink. You can always choose a different color and experiment mixing colors, its pretty fun!
Step 3:
Paint within your desired lines, and set aside to dry. I dried mine for about an hour just to be safe. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes!
Step 4:
Once your canvas is dry, have a friend help you put it against the wall and draw pencil marks on the top where you want your painting to hang. I am no expert, so I simply used 2 nails and a hammer and tried to center them. 

Hope you enjoyed my first DIY ever! It's so simple and I spent a total of $20 on the entire thing! I hope this inspires you to create some geometric art for your home as well!



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