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Coachella 2014: Street Style Inspiration

With Coachella less than a month away I have been obsessing with finding the best street style inspo out there. Some of my favorite Coachella Inspiration this year has to have some form of crochet, anything white, short shorts, and the occasional jacket or light vest or cardigan. Having been to Coachella twice already. comfort is my main concern, read the following tips to get you through the heat on one of the most amazing weekends of your life.
White light layers are a great way of keeping the heat away.
Remember to bring a light layer along with you, during the day it may be scorching, but at night a small chill sets in.
If you are at Coachella for the music, and you expect to jump up and down, wear smaller jewelry, there's nothing worse than stabbing the people around you with your sharp long jewelry.
Maxis are totally do-able and in fact encouraged, just remember to wear a lighter maxi, since a heavier one will weigh you down.
Sunglasses are more than an accessory, they will save your life this weekend. Make sure to keep your expensive ones at home though, casualties are bound to happen.
Face Paint, Face Glitter, Face sequins if any of these made you smile, do it, at least you have an excuse.
Bring your boy along, there is nothing better than lying next to him on the grass, while your favorite band plays, as you watch an amazing sunset is taking place (too visual?)
Rings on top of rings and MORE rings, go all out, and don't be afraid to mix metals and styles. The more eclectic, the better the mix.
Wear plenty of sunscreen, I know I sound like a mom, but it is necessary especially if you are going to be out in the sun all day. 
I don't know how girls in sandals do it, but Boots are not a fashion statement, they are absolutely necessary. The more you walk the more dirt you pick up, and dirty feet aren't a good look.
HATS are a great way to shield your beautiful face from the intense sun, just make sure they aren't so big no one can see the band playing in front of you.
Matching top and bottom sets are my favorite fashion staple this year. 
Alexa Chung shows us its all about simplicity. A mid to long sleeve shirt looks great over your bikini top, also if it gets too hot, just take it off.
Coachella is all about having fun and enjoying the music, if you are doing that successfully, you can disregard every single rule or tip in the book!



  1. love your choices! :)


  2. who the fuck walks around with their daughters underwear showing. have a little modesty, jesus

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