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Travel Diaries: A Hidden Art Oasis in the Heart of the Desert

If someone told me that there was a mountain covered in paint, in the middle of a uninhabited desert, I wouldn't have believed them. This mountain, situated in Nilan CA, is one of those grandiose art movements that really take your breath away. I was so sad to hear that the artist, Leonard Knight, passed away yesterday. His work is not only inspiring, but as a Christian, it's so nice to see beautiful bible verses and the name of God put on high, it was quite moving. Leonard dedicated his entire life to this mountain. It took him 27 years to finalize his work and lived in a small make shift bedroom in the back of a covered truck. R.I.P Leonard, thank you for sharing your vision and art with us, you will be missed!
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If you want to read more about Salvation Mountain, or donate to the preservation of the mountain, visit their website here.

**P.S. If you live in LA this is only a 3 hour road trip, it is quite an adventure!



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