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Seattle Getaway + First Vimeo Video

I am in love with Seattle, there is no question about it. My trip was a much needed getaway from California's eternal summer. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy 80 degree weather year round, but I also love jackets, coats, scarfs, boots, and the list goes on and on. Seattle has the perfect balance of city and nature. It has the hustle and bustle downtown area full of tall buildings, narrow streets, and pricey parking, but it also has large forests and islands that are only 20-30 minutes away. The coffee, the farmers market, the Islands, they are all in my first Vimeo video above! Let me know what you think!
 I have to give a BIIIIIIIG thanks to my awesomely talented brother Ian Mayta for filming me and taking the time to make this awesome video for me!



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