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October Etsy Finds

My love for throw pillows knows no bounds, This shop has the coolest collection of printed throw pillows, the geometric ones are my favorite!

Beautiful french inspired prints perfect for almost any room in your house. LOVE!

Etsy Shop: IUMI Design
A small Berlin based workshop that creates the most simple and amazing pieces of lighting, handmade, and made 100% of birch wood. Only down side, you have to assemble them yourself, eek.

Beautiful vintage eyewear, coats, and phones, what more could a vintage lover ask for?

Beautiful handcrafted lollipops that look as great as they taste, perfect for weddings, or to be honest with you, any event! They're adorable!

Etsy Shop: Escuela de Cebras
The perfect marriage between my love for coffee and my love for art. Besides this, Escuela de Cebras also has some beautiful artwork!

Etsy Shop: Double Fox Studio
I am truly obsessed with this bshop, antlers have been done in every way possible, but this is wildly unique. It's safe to say I want a couple of these animal inspired dolls!

Etsy Shop: DWVintage
If you love the industrial look and rare and unique lighting you will go gaga over this shop of handmade beauties.

Etsy Shop: Katia V
Everyone that knows me knows I am a sucker for jewelry, especially rings, so when I find beautiful, simple, handmade jewelry I simply cannot look away!

What are some of your favorite etsy shops?


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