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Vogue and Karlie Kloss Meet Daft Punk

Beyond their music, I have always been fascinated with Daft Punks Helmets and style. First they paired up with Saint Laurent to create these amazing suits, but this Vogue spread is really the icing on the cake. Karlie Kloss shows off amazing evening wear accompanied by one of the hottest duos of the moment, its a must see.

Random Access Memories - Top 5:
1. Lose Yourself To Dance
2. Doin' it Right
3. The Game of Love
4. Giorgio by Moroder
5.Get Lucky 

For more visit Vogue - including a behind the scenes video!

P.S. A special thank you to the love of my life for introducing me to Daft Punk back in the day.


  1. Love this editorial and I loooovee Karlie Kloss - total babe.


    1. Isn't she beautiful! Glad you enjoyed it Tahnee! Feel free to follow by email or on bloglovin :)

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