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West Coast is the Best Coast:Top 10 California Fashion Bloggers

It has been said West Coast is the Best Coast! Although I am very biased due to the fact that I live here, I have to admit it has it's advantages. Among them: the eternal wonderful weather, the fact that you can see the beach, the forest, the desert, and the mountains all in one day, and let's not forget Californian style. Here are the Top 10 California Fashion Bloggers, a source of constant inspiration and wanderlust.
Peace Love Shea, Fashion Blogger, Shea Marie
Shea Marie
Atlantic Pacific Blog, Fashion Blogger, Blair Eadie
Blair Eadie
Aimee Song, Song of Style, Fashion Blogger
Aimee Song
Rumi Neely, Fashion Toast, Fashion Blogger
 Rumi Neely
Liz Cherkasova, Late Afternoon Blog, Fashion Blogger
 Liz Cherkasova
Julia Engel, Gal Meets Glam, Fashion Blogger
Julia Engel
Thats Chic Blog, Rachel Nguyen, Fashion Blogger
Rachel Nguyen
Julie Saranina, Sincerely Jules, Fashion Blogger
Julie Sarinana
Annabelle Fleur, Viva Luxury Blog, Fashion Blogger
Annabelle Fleur
Kimberly Pesch, Eat Sleep Wear, Fashion blogger
Kimberly Pesch

What are some of your favorite Fashion Bloggers? No matter the coast!


Eye Catching Art: Pinterest Edition

It's no secret Pinterest is a great way of discovering new fashion trends, home trends, and even beauty trends,  but I have also found it incredibly useful when it comes to discovering new art. I love art and photography because they create a fantasy, maybe its ones you share with the creator, or maybe it's one you only understand yourself, either way its a great way of challenging the way you see things.

The following six artists are talented photographers, painters, and digital masterminds. Enjoy!

"Beauty with Oranges"
Image distortion, layering, and digital manipulation
Underwater Photography
Oil Painting
Abstract Painting 

Which one is your favorite?
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Phillip Lim + Target = A Heavenly Combination

Phillip Lim + Target, I haven't been this excited about a Target collaboration since Missoni! Almost a month left until this collection hits stores (Sept. 15, 2013) and the online fashion world is already buzzing. Classics lines and colors meet eccentric patterns and cartoon pop art, I love it all! The main highlight in my opinion is the HANDBAGS - swoon!

Love this collaboration? or will it be a pass for you? Comment below!


Vogue and Karlie Kloss Meet Daft Punk

Beyond their music, I have always been fascinated with Daft Punks Helmets and style. First they paired up with Saint Laurent to create these amazing suits, but this Vogue spread is really the icing on the cake. Karlie Kloss shows off amazing evening wear accompanied by one of the hottest duos of the moment, its a must see.

Random Access Memories - Top 5:
1. Lose Yourself To Dance
2. Doin' it Right
3. The Game of Love
4. Giorgio by Moroder
5.Get Lucky 

For more visit Vogue - including a behind the scenes video!

P.S. A special thank you to the love of my life for introducing me to Daft Punk back in the day.