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8 Glamorous Home Office Spaces

As I grow older I tend to start shifting my focus more and more into Interior Design and Home Decor. As we become professional independent women we crave spaces that make us happy. We get home, and work never stops, catching up on emails, managing our social lives/blogs require a GLAM home office space. The following are 8 sophisticated, glamorous, home office spaces that can be used as inspiration to create that beautiful office of your dreams!
Simple elegance requires only a few well thought out details: Gold Pendant Lights, a Mirrored Table, a Furry Rug, and an eclectic mixture of modern and traditional seating.
Obsessed with Lucite chairs like this one - add a cute pillow for comfort but most importantly add one that expressed your personal style!
Decor doesn't always have to be functional, these vintage telephones may not work, but are an essential piece of design! Might I add I love the flowers and artwork! Simply Divine!
If a modern clean work space is more more your style stop by Ikea - they have endless amounts of modern tables, chairs, and even the white frames you see above!
Vintage pieces immediately add character to your home office, choose varying style chairs, frames, and artwork to create this eclectic vibe. 
An extremely organized desk space is crucial! Find cute storage options like the boxes on the shelf and go ahead and use that file cabinet! It can and will look cute!
If you're like me a touch of nature fuels my creativity, add a plant here and there, fresh cut flowers when possible, and might I add splurging on a cute office chair will totally be worth it in the long run, right?
The grand finale is a tad bit over the top but if you can recreate it, go for it, mannequin and all. LOOK at those floors - Swoon!

Hope these Glamorous Office Spaces inspire you to create a little working haven for yourself as well.
Which one is your favorite? Comment Below!


  1. Love this post! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. Best home office post I've seen. Thank you so much!

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