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4TH OF JULY: Style Inspiration

Barbecues, Parades, Fireworks, Good FOOD and lots of Red White and Blue - how can you not love dressing up for 4th of July?

 Every year I scour the internet for 4th of July style inspiration, so now you wont have to :)! I usually don't go that literal with it (I won't wear flag jackets or jeans), but I do love experimenting with red, white, and blue, and don't forget some good red lipstick.
Street Wear, Red Maxi Skirt, 4th of July Outfit, Gold Chains

Street Wear, 4th of July Outfit, Red Striped, Red Lips, Vintage Coach

Street Wear, 4th of July Outfit, US Flag Scarf, Striped Shirt

Street Wear, 4th of July Outfit, Flag Jeans, American Rag, Red Pumps

Street Wear, 4th of July Outfit, US Flag Scarf, Fashion Blogger, Red Boots

Street Wear, 4th of July Outfit, Atlantic-Pacific, Fashion Blogger, Polka Dot Dress, Striped Sweater

Street wear, 4th of July Outfit, Atlantic Pacific Blog, Fashion Blogger, Red Flats

4th of July Outfit, Polyvore, Red Polka Dot Dress, US Flag Scarf, Zara white pumps, Michael Kors Clutch, Denim Jacket

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What are some of your favorite 4th of July Outfits?


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