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Film Appreciation: Moonrise Kingdom (Wes Anderson)

Moonrise Kingdom Movie Wes Anderson
Moonrise Kingdom Wes Anderson Fashion 60's style
Moonrise Kingdom 60's style Wes Anderson
Moonrise Kingdom Wes Anderson 60's
Moonrise Kingdom Cast
Twiggy 60's fashion Seventeen Magazine Pink
Twiggy for Seventeen Magazine
Twiggy photo yellow 60's era
Twiggy decked out in yellow
Modcloth 60's fashion moonrise kingdom inspired
I have been waiting for this movie to play in theatres for almost six months, and the day is finally HERE! There are many things to love about this film: Wes Anderson, 60's inspired fashion, animal headresses, a young love story, and the vintage feel I so anxiously crave! Not to mention the trailer has one of my all time favorite songs by Francoise Hardy! The costumes for this movie reminded me of twiggy in the 60's, bright colorful mini dresses paired with knee high socks and lace up tennis. I immediately started scouring my favorite vintage websites and found true inspiration in modcloth.com, I should've guessed since MOD is in their brand name! I can't wait to continue to explore 60's fashion with peter pan collars, mini dresses, and some large round sunnies, perfect for SUMMER!
Hope this movie inspire you as much as it has inspired me: in theatres May 25, 2012
- YM -


First Look: Chanel Resort 2013

Chanel Resort 2013

Chanel Resort 2013 Gold and White

Chanel Resort 2013 Purple Lilac

Chanel Resort 2013 beauty

Marie Antoinette Movie Slippers Dessert

Marie Antoinette Kirsten Dunst Cake Dessert

Let them eat CAKE! oh Chanel, you have once again inspired indulgence! With beautiful Victorian Silhouettes, Soft Pastels, and Whimsical Prints, Chanel shows us how Queens do Resort Wear. While some pieces seem to have come straight out of Marie Antoinettes closet, there are others that are quite wearable in this day and age. I absolutely love their punk take on Hair for the runway, reminds me of the Sofia Coppolas quite rebelious take on the infamous Marie Antoinette played by Kirsten Dunst.

Hope this inspires you to indulge, just a little :)


- YM -


Inspiring Food for Thought- Volume II


Hope these quotes to remind you that You are Strong, Unique, Invincible, and that no matter what life throws your way that you will be OK. Never Stop Trying, Never Stop Dreaming.


- YM -



Currently Obsessed: Neon

Neon Accessories, envelope clutch, skinny belt and heels

You can wear an all Neon piece, like these beautiful dresses above,

or if you aren't feeling that adventurous mix in Neon accessories, like this

beautiful envelope clutch, skinny belt, and heels.

Neon Installation Art Quotes

I absolutely am obsessed with Neon Art, these words are literally Illuminated.

Neon Black Gray and White

Neon works so well with staple colors like Black, Gray, and White.

Neon Nail Polish

The easiest way to incorporate this trend: Neon Nail Polish.

Neon gift wrapping Neon home decor neon shoes

Let your Neon outfit inspire your gift-wrapping, and home decor, the options are limitless.

Neon Couture Givenchy Pink Yellow Lime Green

Neon Couture, Givenchy - nuff said



- YM -


Style Spotlight: The Met Gala

Actresses at the Met Gala Fashion and Style
POP of Color
Met Gala Black Long Dresses
Black Beauty
Metallic Dresses Met Gala Fashion and Style
Metallic Vixens
The Met Gala has passed but I am still obsessing about the dresses! Any excuse to dress up is a good one, and the ladies did not dissapoint. While sifting through the pictures, like a kid at a candy store, I couldnt help feeling an extreme connection to the dresses above. Whether the trends seem like a given, black and sparkles for a red carpet event are nothing new, the reinvention of them is wonderful. From Karolina Kurkovas Shiney headpiece, to Lana Del Rey's Long Cape, the peplums, Rooney Mara's risque see through leather and lace combo, I couldn't take my eyes off of it all!
In one years time it will all happen again, but meanwhile award shows will have to do the trick!
- YM -


Fashion Playlist: OH-LAND

Oh land photos Interview Magazine Black and White

Interview Magazine

Nanna Fabricius (Oh Land) was born in a small town in the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. Being from Danish descent myself, I could not hold in my excitement when I found out where this amazing band was from! Nanna's upbringing had to do a lot with her melodic future, her mom was an opera singer. Eventhough Nanna seemed to have a promising career in Ballet at a very early age, a back injury sent her life down a different path, and I'm very glad it did!

Nanna Fabricius style Ray Ban Oh Land Singer

Nanna shows us how to rock two completely different black and white looks.

LEFT: If you have every wondered how to wear a cropped sweater top this is how you do it! I rarely like showing my stomach, and hey it can look cheap at times, so instead of opting for some skin wear a long button up shirt just like Nanna. Remember if you have a flowy top balance it out with a skinny pant!

RIGHT: I have always been a fan of a bustier style dress! The secrets to styling such a tight short fitting dress are: wearing your hair up (like this beautiful bohemian braid updo), minimal jewelry (let the dress do the talking), and if you feel a little self conscious about the length wear some tights. Since the dress is so simple you can go a little crazy with your tights as long as you keep it in a neutral color!

Oh Land Singer Style Fashion Neon Pink Teal

POP: There is no doubt Nanna knows how to make a statement! I absolutely love her neon pink mini crossbody. She pairs it amazingly well with bright teal pants & nails, and a white lacey see through number that is to die for!

Oh land singer Hat style

HATS: I am always jealous of people who look fantastic in hats and Nanna is no exception. These looks are so simple and monochrome that a hat really pulls the whole look together.

Oh Land Music White Nights

WHITE NIGHTS: This music video is a magical wonderland. Oh Land's vision for this video was to show the clash between a modern futuristic world and an animalistic hipster heaven. Its beautiful to see Nanna's ballet background in the video as well.

Oh land music singing

THE MUSIC: She's a talented singer, plays her own instruments, and is a great performer! Here are some of my favorite Oh Land songs:

White Nights

Wolf & I

Son of a Gun