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Style Spotlight: Ashley Madekwe

Most of you know Ashley Madekwe as "Ashley Davenport" on Revenge. Being a huge revenge fan, and style fan, I was immediately drawn to Ashleys chic, simple style. She rocks a mini like no one else! To my surprise her style is not dictated by the revenge costume designer, she has proven that with her blog ashley-ringmybell.blogspot.com, and her countless adoring fans on lookbook.nu! Here are some of my fav outfit posts! For more, visit her blog ashley-ringmybell.blogspot.com, or continue to watch her sassy self on revenge!

Ashley Madekwe Revenge ringmybell.blogspot.com Neon heels
NEON: Thanks to her lovely skin color Ashley looks amazing in Neon. Style Tip: if you want to use Neon opt for one statement piece, that way the neon won't wear you!

Ashley Madekwe blogger leather pants fur style fashion
ROCK & ROLL: The leather, the band tee, zipper clutch, and fur! This outfits makes me crave rock music!

Ashley Davenport Revenge ABC blog blogger style fashion

SHORTS & BOOTIES: Ashley looks amazing in any short ensemble, but I love her short shorts both lace and animal print! To make it even better she rocks these amazing black booties which make her legs look miles high!

Revenge Ashley blog peach jeans pastel striped tee style fashion

PEACH SAILOR: Peach Jeans, i've been dying to try some! Ashley makes them work with a nautical tee!


- YM -


Currently Obsessed: Geometric Art

Fashion Illustration Geometric Shapes Art
The empty spaces are beautiful and leads our eyes to focus intensely on the Geometric Pattern
Art Geometric Shapes Intense Color
Simple Geometric Shapes with Burst of Color

Geometric Shapes Art Lilac
Triangle Confetti exiting a Hipster Volcano
Geometric Art Stone Triangle
The Geometric Jewel

Geometric Art Color Reflection
Geometric Color Reflection

Geometric Illustrations
She is literally on pins and needles

Art Geometric Shapes
To Infinity and Beyond



A year ago my boyfriend got me THE BEST gift ever: My beloved ipad. Smitten is an understatement, I carry this thing around EVERYWHERE. Not only is it a great, convenient, and a small portable mini computer, but it has inspired me tremendously. People always ask me what APPS I use, being a total geek for fashion, design, and travel I have tons of APPS that inspire me EVERYDAY and make my life A LOT easier! I'm sharing my top 10 in hopes that they will inspire you too!

For the STYLE lover:

Top 10 Ipad apps style and fashion runway photos
This app is heaven sent for your inner fashion designer. It has all the latest runways, details from the runway (you could't see these details even if you sat front row), up close make-up shots, and even pictures of those who attended. If all of that isn't enough, grab some popcorn (or indulgence of your choice) and watch the runway videos, its more exhilirating to see it live anyway!

Top 10 Ipad Apps The Cut Runway News Style
Although very similar in nature to Style.com there are many extra features that make the cut a must have app for any style lover. The Cut doesn't only include runways, it has a vast array of looks, and fashion news. One of my favorite perks is the ability to enter the look section and find exactly what you are looking for with their search key. If I want to see any trend, color, or even model, its only a click away.

Top 10 Ipad Apps Magazine Free Weekly Style Fashion
3. NET-A-PORTER [Magazine]
Like many style lovers out there I am an avid magazine reader, but hey magazines can be expensive and carrying them around everywhere just isn't practical. This app is a weekly magazine with great editorial stories, fantastic clothing, wonderful interviews, great music suggestions and its FREE! This app is so interactive, you can see moving ads, click on music and interviews, and even SHOP the looks!

For the DESIGN lover:

Top Ten Ipad Apps Diptic Photo Editing Collages
This is hands down one of my favorite apps! Diptic gives you the incredible ability to make incredible collages of your pictures, inspirations, or even showcasing your favorite apps (the irony isn't lost on me). I use it for almost everything! The best part is you can upload directly from your gallery, position and edit your photos all at once. This app is so simple to use that once you do you will become obsessed!

Top Ten Ipad Apps Phoster Posters
This app is a time and life-saver. If you need to make a quick poster with a slick design this is your go to app. There are many templates for you to choose from and they are customizable, you can change words, fonts, colors, and even import backgrounds from your gallery. It will make your poster look professional in NO TIME. The only drawback is that there are a limited number of things you can customize, but it can serve as inspiration for making your own poster from scratch!

Top Ten Ipad Apps Photo Editing Vintage Filters App Review
If you love the vintage feel of pictures on Instagram you will love Pixlr-o-matic. It has a lot more filters than Instragram and as an added bonus you can also add embelishments and frames that will make your pictures look out of this world. It's my go to photo editing app!

Top Ten Ipad Apps Moodboard Photo Editing Design App Review
Moodboard is a great app for putting all your inspiration ideas onto one board. Think of it as a visual clipboard. I cannot say enough good things about this app, you can import photos from your gallery, resize them, add frames and even edit them. You can also go online and cut directly from any website you like and add it to your moodboard (genius!). If that isnt enough it has a lot of little extras like pre-made backgrounds (corkboard, wood), different colored pins, tape, fun arrows, cool fonts, and the ability to lock your photo into place!


Top Ten Ipad Apps Pocket App Review Save Information
I recently discovered Pocket and I am already hooked. If you happen to be an online collector like me you know there is never enough windows to open, or bookmarks to make, or you simply forget about awesome websites when you get busy and try so hard (with google's help) to remember the name of that blog you saw. Pocket allows you to save any article, video, picture you see online and organizes it an aesthetically pleasing way, so that when your ready to read its there waiting for you. It's not only waiting for you on your ipad, but on any device you choose to view it in! It is a wee bit hard to install at first, but once you do it's incredibly worth it.

Top Ten Ipad Apps Fancy App Review Photo Viewer
So yeah, it's a little like Pinterest, but a FANCY pinterest nonetheless. If you enjoy dreaming of the finer things in life, along with a lot of useless expensive gadgets, then this is the app for you. It works similarily to pinterest, you can create an account, upload your own photos, make fancy friends, and fancy all the photos your heart desires.

For the TRAVEL lover:

Top Ten Ipad Apps Jetsetter App Review Travel Discounts
Just because you enjoy the finer things in life doesn't mean you don't enjoy a good bargain. Trendsetter gives you great discounts on fantastic flights, tours, and hotels all around the globe. I love travelling, but when I don't have enough cash to do so I go on trendsetter and dream of my next vacation. With their 360 degree view of the most fantastic spots on earth it isn't hard to dream!

So there's my top ten! Please let me know in the comment section which are your top ipad apps? :)! I can never have enough inspiration!


- YM -



OH BOY! - Chanel's Boy Handbag Collection

So, I am completely smitten with Chanel's Boy Collection. I might be a little late on this train but when you see bags this beautiful you just can't ignore the urge to post about them. Chanel has always done a great job at creating structured masterpieces, but the boxed shape and outlines of these handbags have me drooling, not to mention the hardware! Above all, despite their typical love for quilted pieces I am so glad they went with the beautiful smooth leather look, you get to appreciate the quality of it so much more this way.

Karl Lagerfeld shot the Boy Collection editorial with none other than Alice Dellal who brings an unexpected punk, young, and care-free feel to an otherwise uptight fashion house. I must admit I do miss the classic and timeless look of Chanel in their ad, but Chanel wanted to portray an edgy, and unconforming side to their brand, and for that I applaud them, Alice Dellal or not!

I'm obviously not the first to notice the beauty and functionality of these handbags, long time fashion muse and friend of Karl Lagerfeld, Blake Lively has been seen out and about carrying this beautiful white number.

You can make these handbags look tough, like this chic mini on the left, or use it to balance out a girly look like the one Rachel Bilson is sporting on the right.


- YM -