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Inspiration: Flower Power

Floral Backdrop Gary Pepper Style Fashion Beauty
Gary Pepper surrounded by a wall of flowers

Farmers Market Pale Pink Roses Home Decor
Farmers Market Pink Roses

Interior Design Home decor coffee table decor floral arrangements
Flowers always make a wonderful centerpiece, whether its on your coffee table, dining table, or at a dinner party

Fashion Tuula Blogger Style Tangerine Flowers
Tuula layering flower prints and adding a pop of tangerine

Interior Design Home Decor Pale Pink Flowers
Pale pink flowers look wonderful paired with white

Floral Wallpaper Fashion Runway Lookbook Style
A floral backdrop is fantastic for an editorial set

Zara Gary Pepper Blogger Floral Photography
A bed of flowers

Flower Cart Stella McCartney Fashion Party
Stella McCartney knows how to throw a party

Lana Del Rey Editorial Pink Flowers White Floral Headband
Lana del Rey knows how to make a statement in this large white floral headband

Interior design vintage floral couch white living room
I never thought I would like a floral upholstered couch, but this one is a lovely vintage exception

Dior Runway Floral Backdrop 1 million flowers designer fashion style
Runway shows are as a flower crazy as I am, Dior's showstopping set had a grand total of 1 million flowers

How do you like to incorporate the floral trend? Comment below :)


Pinterest Friday: Salmon Color Story

There is so much inspiration to be found on Pinterest that I have decided to do Pinterest Fridays, were I will group some of the amazing things I have seen on pinterest. This week I have been very inspired by the many variations of the Salmon color, everything from decor, to clothing, to dinner parties, it seems to look great on everything!

Salmon Color Inspiration Pinterest Decor
What colors are inspiring you on pinterest? Let me know in the comments below!


Blog Spotlight: A Merry Mishap

While perusing through interior design blogs I ran into A Merry Mishap, and it was love at first sight! Jennifer Hagley, head honcho over at AMM, has an incredible eye for design. The work she spotlights is mostly comprised of Scandinavian and Eclectic Styles, which happen to be my favorite! Here are a few examples of rooms found on her blog!

Interior Design Office Space
Bits of hot pink here and there bring this otherwise cold room to life!
Interior Design Living Room
Nature is represented in this space by the use of wood, flowers, and plants.
Interior Design Dining Room and Office
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Interior Design Storage Ideas
Storage can meet both of your needs: Design and Fuction. Use shelves,and boxes to keep the clutter away.
What are some of your favorite interior design blogs? Comment below :)




Valentino Fall 2012 Haute Couture

Deep Rich Blue was without a doubt a large inspiration for Valentino's Fall 2012 Haute Couture Collection. This specific tone of blue has always been one of my favorites to look at. It reminds me of a luxurious home, an undeniable elegance, and yummy yummy food as well.

Valentino Couture Runway cape dresses
Cape-tastic at Valentino's 2012 Couture Runway

Interior Design Deep Blue
Deep rich blue accents add an understated elegance to any room
Deep Blue See Through Dresses Valentino
Floor-length gowns featuring satin, lace and pleats
Art Deep Blue Nails Nars Vintage
Deep Blue Art, Nails, and Vintage Cars
Runway Valentino Couture 2012
Sparkly Jumpsuits at the Valentino Couture Runway
Home Decor Blue Painted Doors
My dream home must include a blue door surrounded by greenery

Deep Blue Frozen Blueberries
Yummy Blueberries!

What colors are inspiring you at the moment?





- YM -


Summer Wedding: Pamela Love Inspired

The Wedding Summer Craze is nowhere near over with, and soon after seeing Pamela Love's wedding photos in Vogue.com I simply could not help myself! These are the 10 things I learned from Pamela Love's intimate wedding.

Wedding Dress

1. Ask your photographer to take a beautiful photo of your wedding dress:
So yes, this probably seems like a no-brainer, but if you capture a beautiful photo of your wedding dress it is a lot easier to put the photo on display, than your actual dress.
Floral Wreath

2. Why not wear some flowers in your hair
So as imagined the flower child,also known as Pamela Love, decided to embrace her hippie spirit and wear a floral wreath. Luckily that isn't the only option, there are many beautiful headbands out there from the subtle to the extreme. Pinterest even has multiple DIY options that will look fantastic without breaking the bank!
Outdoor Wedding

3. Have your wedding OUTDOORS
Ok, so its summer, and the sun is out, the trees are lush and green, and using your friends backyard or a park will definitely save you some MULA, so embrace nature, and use minimal details to enhance its beauty! Pamela Love chose simple wooden chairs and a teepee?? (Disclaimer: this is only recommended if you live in an area that is not extremely hot- no one likes to sweat at a wedding, especially the bride )
Chalkboards Chalkboard Paint

4. Use CHALKBOARD paint wherever possible!
So now that the cats out of the bag, and we no longer need to spend loads of money on chalkboards, use chalkboard paint on a sign, or on your favorite wooden picture frame and voila. Not only is this an extremely customizable and cheap option, but the handwritten feel will also make your guests feel special, and it will create a more intimate environment.
Crochet White Dress

5. Wear a Dress that Speaks to YOU!
Coming from a very traditional family I have often wrestled with the thought of what my dress would end up looking like, but remember this is YOUR day, and the most beautiful brides are those that break from tradition and wear something that they LOVE and are comfortable in. (if traditional is your thing then do that as well!) Pamela in this case chose a very comfortable summer floorlength dress with exquisite crochet details. Keep in mind though that the most "trendy" dress out there might not survive the years to come, remember your moms wedding photos? Yikes, hello 80's!
Wedding rings

6. Diamonds are SOME girls' best friend
Yes, Diamonds are beautiful, but they are not everyones slice of heaven. Some women prefer pearls, or rubies, or even in Pamela's case turquoise stones. Don't stress over how many karats your ring has, or what your friends will say. My mom has a beautiful vintage ring and that was all my dad could afford at the moment, they have been happily married for 27 years! Her ring is absolutely breathtaking and I would take that over diamonds any day.
Outdoor Wedding

7. Use your favorite fabric in unexpected ways
In this case Pamela chose a hand-made quilt to cover the altar, but your favorite fabric can serve as a photo backdrop, napkins, chair covers, and so much more!
Pamela Love Wedding Style

8. Let him do his thing
Whether his thing might be wearing a blue suit and brown shoes, or wearing a comic book character t-shirt under his dress shirt, remember this is his day too, Let him feel involved!
Bridesmaids Long Dresses

9. Floor length bridesmaid dresses are magnificent
The more wedding pictures I see, the shorter the bridesmaids dresses, these floorlength numbers are perfect for friends of all sizes. This specific style of dress fits Pamela's hippie chic style perfectly, but there are classic, and traditional options at this length as well!
Wedding Cake Stand

10. Use an interesting cake stand.
I have recently become obsessed with all types of cake stands, but by far my favorite, and sometimes cheapest option, is a piece of wood like this one!
This is dedicated to all you beautiful ladies getting married this summer, those who are already planning their "future" wedding ;), and those who want to re-live their own.
- YM -