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Inspiration: The Real Size [Robyn Lawley]

Robyn Lawley Cosmopolitan Magazine 2012
Robyn Lawley Cosmopolitan Magazine March 2012
Color Choc and Flower Bombs
Robyn Lawley "Color Choc", "Flower Bombs" Editorial
and God created woman
"And God Created Woman"
Bra and panty
Robyn Lawley looking carefree and laid back in a wonderful bra and panty combo
Robyn Lawley Editorial Sailing
Let's Go Sailing!
Robyn Lawley Editorial Cosmopolitan
Reading a Book never looked so good!
Robyn Lawley Black and White Editorial
Robyn Lawley is a true inspiration to a generation obsessed with weight loss and perfection. I think I speak for many women out there when I say how truly amazing it is to see a realistic sized beauty gracing the pages of our favorite magazines. Not only is Robyn promoting a healthy image, but doing so fearlessly and without any complaints. Many major fashion magazines including Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan have recognized her astonishing beauty and embraced an otherwise unheard of market, the Real Size.
Hope this inspires you to see your body in a whole new light, and love yourself enough to walk fearlessly to your own beat, your own runway, just like Robyn.
- YM -


  1. Love this post! We are a huge fan of Robyn Lawley at TruthandFashion.com. Agree that it is very refreshing to see her in high-end editorials!

    1. thank you erica! feel free to follow and I will follow back :)


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