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Fashion Playlist: OH-LAND

Oh land photos Interview Magazine Black and White

Interview Magazine

Nanna Fabricius (Oh Land) was born in a small town in the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. Being from Danish descent myself, I could not hold in my excitement when I found out where this amazing band was from! Nanna's upbringing had to do a lot with her melodic future, her mom was an opera singer. Eventhough Nanna seemed to have a promising career in Ballet at a very early age, a back injury sent her life down a different path, and I'm very glad it did!

Nanna Fabricius style Ray Ban Oh Land Singer

Nanna shows us how to rock two completely different black and white looks.

LEFT: If you have every wondered how to wear a cropped sweater top this is how you do it! I rarely like showing my stomach, and hey it can look cheap at times, so instead of opting for some skin wear a long button up shirt just like Nanna. Remember if you have a flowy top balance it out with a skinny pant!

RIGHT: I have always been a fan of a bustier style dress! The secrets to styling such a tight short fitting dress are: wearing your hair up (like this beautiful bohemian braid updo), minimal jewelry (let the dress do the talking), and if you feel a little self conscious about the length wear some tights. Since the dress is so simple you can go a little crazy with your tights as long as you keep it in a neutral color!

Oh Land Singer Style Fashion Neon Pink Teal

POP: There is no doubt Nanna knows how to make a statement! I absolutely love her neon pink mini crossbody. She pairs it amazingly well with bright teal pants & nails, and a white lacey see through number that is to die for!

Oh land singer Hat style

HATS: I am always jealous of people who look fantastic in hats and Nanna is no exception. These looks are so simple and monochrome that a hat really pulls the whole look together.

Oh Land Music White Nights

WHITE NIGHTS: This music video is a magical wonderland. Oh Land's vision for this video was to show the clash between a modern futuristic world and an animalistic hipster heaven. Its beautiful to see Nanna's ballet background in the video as well.

Oh land music singing

THE MUSIC: She's a talented singer, plays her own instruments, and is a great performer! Here are some of my favorite Oh Land songs:

White Nights

Wolf & I

Son of a Gun





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