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OH BOY! - Chanel's Boy Handbag Collection

So, I am completely smitten with Chanel's Boy Collection. I might be a little late on this train but when you see bags this beautiful you just can't ignore the urge to post about them. Chanel has always done a great job at creating structured masterpieces, but the boxed shape and outlines of these handbags have me drooling, not to mention the hardware! Above all, despite their typical love for quilted pieces I am so glad they went with the beautiful smooth leather look, you get to appreciate the quality of it so much more this way.

Karl Lagerfeld shot the Boy Collection editorial with none other than Alice Dellal who brings an unexpected punk, young, and care-free feel to an otherwise uptight fashion house. I must admit I do miss the classic and timeless look of Chanel in their ad, but Chanel wanted to portray an edgy, and unconforming side to their brand, and for that I applaud them, Alice Dellal or not!

I'm obviously not the first to notice the beauty and functionality of these handbags, long time fashion muse and friend of Karl Lagerfeld, Blake Lively has been seen out and about carrying this beautiful white number.

You can make these handbags look tough, like this chic mini on the left, or use it to balance out a girly look like the one Rachel Bilson is sporting on the right.


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